Knights of the Lunch Table #3

The Battling Bands


Knights of the Lunch Table




A battle is looming at Camelot Middle School--a battle of the bands, that is! Artie, Wayne, and Percy enter the talent show seeking fame and fortune. But only one of them plays an instrument: Percy. And he plays the tuba. Their only hope of winning is finding the long-lost "Singing Sword," the fabled instrument of awesome power.
But how can Artie find time to rock when he's been assigned a new lab partner, Melody Claymore? Melody is a klutz and a goof, and she harbors a not-so-secret crush on Artie. Is Melody his worst nightmare or secretly the answer to his prayers?

Ages 9-12

Paperback: 128 pages




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"I love anything Frank Cammuso writes - - especially if it involves evil queens (the principal), and terrible hordes destroying villages (just a model for social studies), and mighty challenges (DEATH BY DODGEBALL!) Artie King and his gang are fun to hang with."

- Jeff Smith creator of "Bone"


"...Cammuso has created a big, bright, funny, page-turning first
volume of stories very loosely based on the King Arthur stories and laced
with other literary references. Young readers will identify with the
characters and ask for more..."







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