Do you visit schools?

Absolutely! I love to visit schools and speak to the students about my books and the process of creating children’s comics.

What is the theme of your presentation?

My theme focuses on the importance of hard work and perseverance. I emphasize dedication and believing in your work. True creativity comes from not being afraid to make mistakes.

Overview: In my presentation, I talk about the process of writing and illustrating comics. I speak about how I got started and how I became an author/cartoonist.

Questions and Answers:
I try to save at least 10 to 15 minutes at the end for questions from the audience. I also encourage teachers to feel free to ask questions.

Drawing Demonstration: I always save the best for last. This is a favorite part of the program for the students and myself. The kids love to watch me draw and get very excited.

What is a typical day like?

I can give three large group (auditorium) presentations or four smaller group (library) presentations in a day. I can also do an additional meeting, with a small group of students, over lunch or snack so they can ask me questions. I can give up to four presentations in a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.
You may split my visit with another neighboring school. (within a 15 minute drive)

What are the equipment requirements?

I’m fairly low maintenance, but I will need a video/digital projector (occasionally called an LCD projector) that I can plug my laptop into.
I’ll also need a screen.
I’d like an easel with a large pad of paper and a couple of sharpies. Only GREEN sharpies will do! (Just kidding, they can be any color.)
If I will be speaking in a large room like an auditorium or the cafeteria, please have a microphone available.

My BIGGEST REQUIREMENT is that the students have read some of my books. At the very least they should have knowledge of my books.

Program Length: My presentation for Kindergarten and First Grade is about a half an hour.
Second and Third grade presentations run 45 minutes to an hour.
For grades Four and higher allow one hour for the program and question and answer time. I’ll need at least 10-15 minutes in between each program to get set up.

School Contact: The day always seems to go smoothest when there’s someone at the school who will be available to answer questions and to help me find my way around.

Will you sign books?

You betcha! Signings are best when you have the students write their FIRST NAME on a small slip of paper, which you then insert into each book like a bookmark. That way, I can read the name off each slip and personalize the autograph. I’ll be happy to sign any books you or the students might have. There are two ways we can do it:

1. I can sign the books while the students wait.
For example, after each presentation, the students who have books to be signed can stick around and make a short line. I’ll sit at a table and sign them, and in about five or ten minutes (depending on how many books there are) we can do the entire bunch. The advantage of this method is that I get to meet the students, and they get to see me sign their book.
2. I can sign the books at the end of the day, but not while the students are waiting.
If we have a large number of books to be signed, this is definitely the better choice.

How do I order your books?

The best way to handle book orders is to go through your local independent bookseller. Several months before the visit, send an order form home with your students. On it, you’ll want to include the books they can order; a short description of each to help the parents decide; the price; and the name they would like me to use when signing the book.
Bookstores: I have a great relationship with independent booksellers. Just give them a call and tell them I’m coming to visit your school. They can help set-up everything, offer discounted pricing for schools, and will take care of all the complicated details you don’t have time for. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local bookseller!
Publishers: Most publishers offer substantial discounts when schools order multiple copies of a single book.

How does a school contact you to schedule an author visit?

If you would like to schedule a visit or have additional questions about my presentations please email me at

Preparing for the Visit

The visits are much better if the teachers and students are familiar with my books. Please make sure everyone has read as many of them as possible. (If you're having trouble getting a hold of an out-of-print book, I can arrange to loan you a copy ahead of time.) Try to start preparing the students at least a few weeks before the visit, and encourage them to think of questions that they can bring to the presentation. Once you've scheduled a visit with me, I'll contact you with detailed instructions on how to prepare.

Additional Questions:
If you have additional questions, or have an idea for something not covered here, please feel free to contact me.





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