Max Hamm Comix:

The first Max Hamm comic originally ran in the 2001 Small Press Expo Antholgy. For years it was consider lost. Only recently was it discovered in a garage in Omaha, NE. Here it is miraculously restored for your enjoyment.

Max Hamm Postcards:

The first in a series of whimsical send ups of infamous paintings.

Max Hamm Pin-ups:

During the war, Frank Cammuso was commissioned by the Nite Owl Comix to create this pin-up of Snow White. The image became so popular that it soon found it way onto nose cones across the allied fleet.  

Max Hamm Poster:

This was the official poster for the '03 Small Press Exposition in Bethesda, MD.  

Max Hamm Cake Topper:

This one of a kind creation sat on top of my French Publisher, Richard St. Martin's birthday cake.

Believe it or not he is made entirely out of sugar!




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